Up Close & Personal with Louise Green – Founder of the Body Exchange

April 5, 2011
By Crunchy Carpets


I am a zero motivation type of person when it comes to health and fitness.  I KNOW I need to be healthier and lose some weight…but the DOING it is tough.    Even with the amazing results I got at the Booty Camp this summer….it didn’t take much for me to just give it all up. Therefore, I really admire people like Louise…not only for her drive to stay fit and healthy, but for her passion to help others do the same.

“The Body Exchange ™ is Canada’s only fit camps exclusive to plus size clients.  Louise is a Certified Personal Trainer and the founder of Canada’s original Plus Size fitness Camps & adventures.   Louise believes that anyone…any shape or size… can be fit and healthy if they have the right environment and support to do so.

In a skinny world….these are magical words.

I want to thank Louise for taking a moment to answer my questions and hopefully her energy will rub off on me.


1.   I will admit – as a plus size gal – that walking into a gym is really low on my list of things to do.  Even when I was SKINNY I hated it.  It has taken me long years to be comfortable in my own skin and to strive beyond that for my own health.   Was my sort of story the reason you started The Body Exchange?

Yes, exactly, I saw a major gap in the fitness industry and observed that this demographic was not being serviced in a way that works.  We hear all the time that there is a health crisis in North America and health professionals are prescribing exercise all the time.  What people don’t realize is that for many overweight people the thought of getting active, especially in a gym setting,  is just too intimidating and that in itself is causing a major barrier.


2.  Do you find it can be a struggle to get people to see beyond the concept of dieting and getting thin to just focusing on HEALTH, no matter their size?

Absolutely, people want the quick fix and don’t understand that weight loss as a result of dieting is almost always temporary, unless it is done in a lifestyle kind of way like Weight Watchers.

I am actually quite disappointed in the diet industry as I deal with the aftermath all the time.  People will pay thousands to be thin and the diet industry knows it; profits before people.

The media has driven into our minds that being a larger woman is not ok and has given us a very distorted view on how women should look, this only matters if you buy into it but many of us do.  The average North American woman is a size 12 and approximately 30% of North American women are larger than that.  Diets simply don’t work for the long term; however, a healthy lifestyle does.


3. Have you always been active and into physical activity?

I have always been active, as a child I excelled in all kinds of sports and was a competitive Irish Dancer.  That activity lead into my adult life and I know enjoy hiking, running and athletic training regularly.  However, when I turned 25 I started to put on weight so I am a plus size athlete and I am living proof that you can be active and healthy no matter what size you are.


4. What gets you up in the morning? What is the best part of running The Body Exchange?

I am so driven to show women that they can have a great life full of adventure no matter what.  I get so much from being active; I feel great, love the outdoors and I love challenging myself. I want plus size women everywhere to know they can do it too!  You only need to do one thing; make the decision and chose to be active and healthy; the benefits to your physical and emotional wellbeing will astound you.


5. What makes The Body Exchange the superior program for plus size people versus say something like ‘Curves?’

Curves certainly has its place in the market and they have had huge success but what I offer that others don’t is the accountability piece, the community, the adventures like snowshoeing, hiking and destination retreats. I am always pushing the envelope for individuals to step further out of their comfort zone so it’s not just about getting fit but also about personal growth.  Our fitness programs are different every time you come, so your body doesn’t get bored and you are constantly confusing your muscles for the best results.  We do goal setting, fit testing, weigh and measure and a lot more extras.  We aim to offer a personalized service with the camaraderie benefit of group fitness.  We also stay exclusive to plus size people so you are guaranteed you will always be with your own tribe!


Please visit The Body Exchange for information about prices and class schedules.

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