I Have Been ‘Memed’

October 24, 2008
By crunchy

By the GAWGUS Miss604 – Thanks for the memories!!

This is the ‘Five Things’ Meme:

Five Things I was Doing Ten Years Ago:

- Graduated from SFU.  Took 5 years instead of 4.  But I mostly paid my own way through, apart from ‘some’ student loans.  I worked part time and attended classes in the afternoons and evenings.  Memory of yucky coffee and late night lit classes.

- Was finishing up my awesome job with the Chartered Accountants of BC.  I was just an accounting clerk, but I LOVED working there.  The people were fantastic and I had such a good time.  I miss my bosses, Allan and Peter.

Not to mention the lovely ladies I worked with.   I miss the Wine and Cheese afternoons.  God Bless all you winemakers at the ‘stute.

- I was one month married!   September 26, 1998 was our  ten year anniversary!!

Despite many familial ‘crisis’ leading up to and after, the wedding was great.   It really showed me how awesome my friends were.   Love you honey!

-  We were living in our FIRST apartment…for both of us, getting hitched was the big move out.  Yes..we were THAT old fashioned.   Or pathetic..you take your pick.

This was our first place on 12th and Spruce…right near Oak St.   We were on the side so it wasn’t TOO noisey…apart from the woman across the way…her bedroom window looked onto our balcony.  She loved the noisey sex.  A lot.   But I loved being near Granville and getting breakfast at Max’s Deli.  Don’t you LOVE our cool furniture!?   

- Got my first sort of real ‘writing job.’  I took a position with the Certified General Accountants of BC.  I ended up really really hating it there.  What a toxic place…sorry guys…it is.    BUT.  I learned SO much and for that I will always be grateful for.  I learned how to put together big conferences, trade shows, etc.  I learned how to write marketing materials and press releases.  It was really valuable.


5 Things on my To Do List Today:

- Finish Dusting so I can put up more Halloween Decorations

- Go to library to drop off over due book and pay fines

- Actually put clothes on my nekked Star Wars Lego playing children

- More laundry

- Pick up husband after work and head down to the Stanley Park Ghost Train

5 Snacks I like:

- Cheesy Pringles

- Wilkinson’s Wine Gums

- Sour Candy

- Carmel Corn

- Pop Corn

5 Things I Would Do if I Was A Millionaire:

- Buy a nice big house and alll new stuff for it.

- Buy nice place for my mom and pay for her car.

- Donate a fund of sorts for homeless shelters and counselling for street kids

- Visit Italy, Greece, France…do the grand tour

- Hire a personal trainer

5 Places I Have Lived:

- Lenzie (Scotland)

- Edinburgh (Scotland

- Oak St area (Vancouver)

- Mt Pleasant area (Vancouver)

- Champlain Heights (Vancouver)

5 Jobs I Have Had:

- Beer Pourer and Sauerkraut Girl at the Knockwurst Corner at Expo 86

- Sandwich and coffee maker at place that no longer exists

- Accounts Recievable Assistant , ICABC

- PR Assistant, CGABC

- Exec Assistant, South Granville BIA

5 People I Tag:

In keeping with the West Coast theme…. I am putting this tag out to all the West Coasters on the blog roll here.

What would really rock was if you posted your answers right here on Wet Coast Women!!!!

Thanks Rebecca for really making me think on this one!

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  1. Barbara Doduk on October 30, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    I swear I posted a comment to this saying I’d done this meme all ready on my blog. Oh well.

    Barbara Doduks last blog post..Vancouver Vitals 22: Fairview Community

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