Water Water Everywhere…

April 24, 2009
By crunchy

Okay, first let me say, that I am ALL for getting rid of plastic bottles or bags.  

I have a GIANT heap of cloth bags that  I use for grocery shopping and have added the expense of biodegradable  dog poop bags to replace the plastic grocery one’s we did use.

I am hoping to find something similar for Kitchen waste and am looking at a small compost system for our tiny patio/yard.

We don’t buy bottled water for our home.  We don’t even use our old filter.  We don’t use a service either.

We don’t need to keep bottled water in our homes.  That is a fact. 

Vancouver has fantastic drinking water.

Does this mean we BAN the sale of bottled water at public venues??? NO!!!

Because really, then you would have to ban the sale of bottled pop, juice etc…really, why not?  Wouldn’t that be fair?

How about just make sure there is enough recycling out there instead!?

The Vancouver Courier has an article about how concerned the PNE and the Queen Elizabeth Theatre are about this proposed ban…

Can you imagine having your family at the PNE on one of the really really hot days and running out of your own supply of water (or forgetting to bring it) and not being able to find a drinking fountain without a MASSIVE LINE UP, and your only refreshment options for you are POP AND JUICE!!! ALL IN PLASTIC OR GLASS CONTAINERS!!???

You are telling me that when stuck, I have to opt for a less healthy drinking choice for myself and family.

And the PNE is great for having the proper receptacles for recyclables.

I didn’t even think of THIS issue..What do many homeless use for water when they don’t have access to a tap?

How many drinking fountains do you walk by in Vancouver on any given day?

Not many.

How many people actually LIKE to use a public drinking fountain? 

Not many.

Are they going to ban the sale of bottled water at the Olympics????

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3 Responses to Water Water Everywhere…

  1. Kerrie on April 24, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    Wow. I hadn’t heard aout that. That’s crazy!

    Kerries last blog post..I’m Quitting

  2. Barbara Doduk on April 30, 2009 at 9:42 am

    I often get a 11 L re-filled of purified water for $2 at Superstore.

    I also have a Brita jug to filter the tap water which I use the most.

    Not that I don’t trust tap water – I do, I just think that;

    (1) it has a lot of chemicals in it and smells and;

    (2) the pipes it travels through can’t be all that “clean”.

    I would rather filter it before drinking it. Just my preference. My building is 45+ years old… I doubt the piping has been updated… not to mention all the city pipes to get to my tap in the first place. ICK.

  3. turnitupmom on April 30, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    Hi! I just went to the Go Green Expo in NYC- have you heard of SodaStream? I included it in a recent post of mine about the Expo; it eliminates all those cans and bottles, and you can make your own soda with less sugar. Cool!

    turnitupmoms last blog post..50 Days of Affirmations

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