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Reading IS Sexy

December 1, 2009
By Emme
Reading IS Sexy

Hello all you foxy ladies, Been busy promoting literacy as of late, with the Reading is Sexy 2010 Calendar, and raising money for The International Dyslexia Association.  It’s been fun!  Amazing what sorts of scandalous things you can get people to do in the name of literacy and charity!!! At any rate, we have...

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Sitcoms in Vancouver!?

October 18, 2009
By Crunchy Carpets

Being Emme knows all.. Check this out….Always a Bridesmaid taped in front of a live audience in Vancouver!

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Nectar of the Gods

May 12, 2009
By crunchy

Words fail me when I try to express how beyond bitter I am at missing this event. Can you imagine a 31 weeks Beluga wandering around staring longingly at everyone’s cocktails?  Me either. But the glam Emme Rogers of Being Emme went and has a WACK load of Flickr photos..just to rub it in....

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